A Little Bit About Kim

A Little Bit About Kim


My name is Kim, I’m married to my wonderful husband Brad. He is an avid gamer and IT technician. So we have all the electronics covered. We have two little boys who couldn’t be more opposite!

My oldest, Owen, is 6 but acts as if he is 26. He is the intellectual type, and has the vocabulary to back it up. My youngest, Jake, is 3 and is basically The Hulk. He is extremely active and will find anything to climb. And if he can’t climb it (or break it)…he’ll eat it.

Mom and Owen
Owen and I on a walk


I work part-time at a hospital and I’m also studying to be a Nurse. My life can be very busy. Especially when I am mid-Netflix binge. I can’t even remember what it’s like to have a hobby because let’s face it, work, school, husband, kids and a house suck up all of my time. The little bit of time I do have is spent catching up on my array of shows and anything pop culture related (yes the Kardashians and just about all of the Real Housewives franchises are my guilty pleasure).

Jake and Mom
Jake and I being silly

I thought blogging would be a good outlet for me to share my love of decorating, cooking, Pinterest projects (and fails), tv/movie reviews, and most important…mom-ing. But this is REAL life mom-ing. Not the sugar-coated puppies and rainbows life. That’s not how I do it. I’ve caught vomit in my hands y’all!! Gotta save that rug. I’ll toss in some of our ridiculous and hilarious stories as well. And occasionally there will be colorful language, because you have to get it out somewhere and yelling obscenities at your kids is frowned upon…or so I hear.


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