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Can we talk about grocery shopping for a minute?

Can we talk about grocery shopping for a minute?

I despise grocery shopping. And grocery shopping with kids is even worse. I get way too side tracked to stick to a list, so I end up with a bunch of sale crap, and I’m usually missing at least 2 ingredients from 4 different meals. Which then means I have to run back to the store to grab what I’m missing. And bringing kids with you is just a friggen headache…”I want that!”, “you never got these before”, “ew I don’t want broccoli”, “are we done yet?”, “I have to go potty”, “I’m borrrrred”, “mom why are you laying on the floor in the fetal position crying?”. Okay, so that last one hasn’t happened yet. But mentally that’s where I am when I’m grocery shopping.

….and just when you think its over….it’s time for check out. ::head to desk::

I put my items on the belt in a specific way, cold stuff together, cereal boxes and snacks together, fruits and veggies together, meat together, canned goods together, and then all of the extra stuff together (trash bags, paper plates, soap, etc). I’m sure I’m weird but it’s easier to put stuff away like this. Which just means that I grab the cold stuff to put away and ignore the rest until later on lol. And by later I mean when I’ve used the items straight from the bag. I can’t tell you how many times they’ve not followed my system and have put a bag of shredded cheese in with cereal.

I mean sure this wouldn’t be a problem if I just immediately put my groceries away but that’s not the issue at hand! And you can just forget it when it comes to going through the check out with kids…..ALLLLL THE CANDY! Typically ends in either tears or me giving in and letting them get candy. Which wouldn’t be a big deal if I didn’t have to go to the store a few times a week. This is why I’m exhausted by the time I get home and usually end up ordering Chinese food. I’m way too tired to cook after that hassle!

grocery store


This whole ordeal just wasn’t working out for me. I begged my husband to take over the grocery shopping. But that means he will buy everything in store brand and will still come home with extra junk food. Last time he grocery shopped while I was away on a trip and he did it in the freezer section and lived on mozzarella sticks until I got back. He can’t be trusted to carry out such an important task.


So we decided to give Peapod a whirl!

Peapod is through Giant Food Stores and is a grocery delivery service. I was skeptical at first like I usually am. It was so nice! We could just sit there from the comfort of my couch and meal plan. We started by making a list of about 20-30 different meals that we like. Then we chose 5 from the list to make for the week. And then we just went through each meal and ordered those specific ingredients. After that we added lunch items for my sons and just two extra snacks. Much better than the old system, which wasn’t really a system.

For 5 meals we ended up spending $126, and then added a first time shoppers coupon of $20 off! My only downside to the whole ordeal was that upon delivery we learned that the ground beef and lunchmeat ham that we ordered was unavailable. So I still had to run to the store to grab that. But overall this was much better. I’m curious about the other chains that do grocery delivery so I would like to try them all and weigh the pro’s and con’s of each. Here is a coupon for $20 off to try Peapod for yourself! The convenience is so worth it.

Revamp An Old Sofa!!

Revamp An Old Sofa!!

I have a serious love for mid-century modern design, actually I have a serious love for all things 1950’s-1970’s, minus the oppression…it started as far back as I can remember, my Grannie Annie had a few pieces of gorgeous MCM pieces and cute kitsch decor. During one of my Mad Men binges on Netflix I was inspired to add some MCM pieces to my house, since I live in a house built in 1954 I thought it would be cute to add some history to it! My husband was sooooo not into this idea, bless him. His idea of decor is a cold concrete room, no windows because that would cast a glare, with a barcalounger aimed at a tv and gaming system…ain’t he cute. As you can see our styles don’t exactly match up! I love vintage and repurposing, he loves cold and modern. Mid-century modern is honestly the perfect mix of the two, he just doesn’t want to admit it! The clean lines of the furniture play into his modern (cough cough..cold side). While the warm woods and colors play more towards my vintage side. Plus I actually feel passionately about this, so I win! “Happy wife, happy life!” couldn’t be more true when it comes to decorating. Honestly I’m being very mild because if it was completely up to me I would turn the whole house into a 1960’s time capsule…

mcm1                                                                                                Look at those clean lines!



This is the inspiration I’m going for in our living room!

mcm3                                                                                Vintage Pyrex collection! SWOOOOOOON


mcm4                                                                              me looking at anything MCM (and foodporn)

I began scouring Craigslist for MCM items, which about broke my heart because these pieces cost upwards of $1,000 on average. SO NOT in my price range. After a few weeks of regularly checking, I came across a gorgeous tuxedo sofa in PERFECT condition…the zinger is…it’s rust colored. I immediately emailed and the stars aligned and I was the first to inquire. How lucky am I that I get to be so lucky to win the bid for a rust colored sofa!!??! I could hardly contain myself. The price was even better at $75!! Seventy-five dollars for a MCM sofa in brand new condition!


…I’ll spare you the details on me conning my sister into helping pick up the sofa and tie it into the back of my SUV (who I named Deb) and the 30 minute drive home on the Baltimore Beltway during rush hour…had I not been so stoked for my new find, kussin’-Kim would’ve made her appearance. And let me just say, the saying “they don’t make them like they used to” also couldn’t be more true! This sofa is SOLID. So consider being more green and finding a good condition, cheap Craigslist find that you can revamp, because it’ll last forever AND less trash for the landfill.

During my approach with Brad about Big Red (the sofa), I showed him pictures of similar sofas that sell on eBay and Craigslist for $500-2500. He had dollar signs for eyes. I mean I can’t really blame him because I could pay for an entire year of school with the resale of that sofa. But I fell in love. The only thing that was a little annoying about the sofa was it felt like an old man. Perhaps because it was an old man’s estate sale. I lifted the skirt and saw that she has beautiful dark wood peg legs. PEG LEGS ::heavy breathing:: So I got the genius idea to remove the skirt and show off those gams!!! Brad’s face when I told him my plan…



Brad’s face when I told him my plan.

My first step was to lift the flap and see if the edge underneath was finished…I saw that it was stapled under the front wood piece so we were good to go! There really is no special way to do this, just grab some needle nose pliers and yank out the staples! Some of them were in there really good so I had to tap a screwdriver under the staple to give me some kind of leverage for the pliers to grab.

old sofa

These are technically some type of electrical plier but it was all I could find lol

Almost done…

old sofa


And voila! A revamped old sofa!!

old sofa

Before: old man sofa     After: “Mad Men sexy”


Who knew smoking could look so sexy! (btw, it’s NOT)


Eventually I would like to have the sofa reupholstered into a nice linen gray type of fabric, but for now my kids are disgusting and I’m not spending $700-1500 to have a sofa recovered for them to cover it in shmutz. So for now, Big Red is staying 🙂

Kim-1, Brad-0