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Why I Don’t Enjoy Decorating for Holidays

Why I Don’t Enjoy Decorating for Holidays


If you are looking for holiday decorating inspiration, you are looking in the wrong place. Granted, I will post soon about my holiday decor, but before I decorate I need to bitch about having to decorate.


Decorating for holidays seems like so much fun! What a wonderful sight to behold! My parents didn’t do much decorating for any holiday except Christmas, and even then it was just putting up a Christmas tree and stockings. We might have also had Christmas lights every few years, if the ones my dad had put up the previous year still worked – because they were never taken down. We call those two-fers!

So as an adult, decorating for holidays seemed like a no-brainer. The first year of home-ownership was great. Stickies on the windows, garland wrapped around the banister, and candles themed to match the holiday. I also had lights strung around the porch and even wrapped around the tree in our front yard. Yet, after each holiday it was harder to be enthusiastic, because what goes up, must come down. Unlike my parents, I could not leave lights up all year round.

Let me not forget that I also always seem to get hurt in one way or another while decorating. I’ve managed to cut myself carving pumpkins, burn myself with a hot glue gun, and my favorite is when I get an allergic reaction while decorating the Christmas tree. It doesn’t matter whether it is real or fake, my hands and arms break out in some kind of rash…


Holiday decorating often doesn’t end well for me.


With every year that passes by the eagerness of decorating for the holidays dwindles. I am 10 years into home ownership and now when I think about pulling all the big bins out of storage, taking the time to put everything up, then putting the empty bins back in storage it doesn’t sound fun. Mainly because three weeks to a month later, I have to pull the big bins back out, take down all the decorations, try to figure out how to fit all this crap back into the bins so that the lid will close, and then put those big heavy bins, back in the storage area!, while simultaneously repeating the process for the next holiday. “So just don’t decorate,” you might be thinking. Well it isn’t as simple as that.


holiday decorating

The problem about my new pessimism towards decorating for holidays is that each year my children become more and more aware of when the holidays are. In turn, they get more excited to decorate for each holiday earlier and earlier. If I was dealing with a man, this would force me to tell him that I think we are growing in different directions and we should end it now. Of course, it is ill advised to say that to small children, so I am yet again being pushed around by tiny dictators.

For example, I can no longer get away with sitting out a single, albeit large, pumpkin on the porch and saying we are decorated for fall. We must have multiple pumpkins, of multiple shades, carved into an array of small masterpieces. We must also start yet again, putting sticker decorations in the windows for each holiday, and having every inch of the house decorated for Christmas. It looks so nice when everything is up, but it feels like it’s a bunch of work for little satisfaction. That is until I see the light in those tiny human eyes of my children and it seems like maybe it is a little more exciting than my adult mind can understand. So, with all that said, I may not enjoy decorating, or un-decorating for that matter, but I will do it anyway – Super Mom style.


Stay tuned for posts about our holiday decorations for the rest of the year, plus Hailey’s Costume Halloween birthday party!

Do you despise decorating or do you love it? Let me know in the comments below!