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How to Unstain your Stainless Steel Appliances

How to Unstain your Stainless Steel Appliances

Stainless steel appliances have become a staple for most homeowners in the last couple decades. I personally love the look of stainless steel. It matches well with almost any combination of counters/cabinets and it’s just overall aesthetically pleasing. Aside from the neutral look, it is also non-porous, unlike other plastic appliances, which means it is easier to clean and is germ-resistant. Also since stainless steel is so popular, it is very easy to coordinate other kitchen appliances to the same finish. For example, all my kitchen accessories are stainless steel, from my larger appliances like my fridge and double oven to my smaller appliances like my toaster  and stand mixer. Even my trash can rests in a stainless steel container . If taken care of properly, the finish is very durable and will last for years.

With all that said, I must say that stainless steel should really be named “nearly stainless steel.” As much as I try to clean everything appropriately, life happens! For example, lots of messes happen around the trash can and I noticed little brown rust spots in some areas on my stainless steel bin. The stainless steel cleaner did nothing to remove them, but the spots were on the back of the trash can so I didn’t mind too much. Then came the day that my 7-year-old wanted to help me clean the kitchen… 

We were having a party in a few days and I was preparing the house for guests. My daughter asked if she could help me clean up. It’s such a rarity I almost fainted. As soon as the shock wore off, I handed her the bottle of kitchen cleaner and told her to spray down the counters and wipe them off with a sponge. After I was finished loading the dishwasher, I went upstairs for a while. When I came back down, she told me she had cleaned everything. “Great job!” I said. And I rejoiced in knowing that I have a little helper after all.

The next morning my husband came to me horrified and asked what I had used to clean the outside of the fridge? I told him that I hadn’t used anything new and I actually hadn’t cleaned it for a while. I went to the kitchen to see what he was talking about and my entire refrigerator was covered in rust! I didn’t know what had happened, but I tried cleaning it with the normal stainless steel wipes I use and they didn’t help anything. At this point, I was ready to cry. The fridge was only a few months old and we had spent good money on it! At that point, I noticed that my double oven had rust spots, too. What in the world was going on?

All of a sudden, something clicked. I asked my daughter if when she cleaner the counter tops did she also clean the appliances? She said that she had. I tried not to be mad, she didn’t know, but I did explain to her to her that the spray for the kitchen was not to be used on the appliances. She felt very bad and I told her we could try to fix it together.

I used my trusty friend Google to try to find out if anyone else had been unfortunate enough to have this same problem. Luckily for me, I found a few different solutions. Many called for lemon, but I didn’t have lemon and I wanted to try to use things already in my house. I wanted to get this taken care of now. Finally, I came across the easiest solution on a manufacturer’s website: Baking soda and water.

The instructions were simple.

  1. Take equal parts baking soda and water, mix them together to make a paste.
  2. Rub the paste on the stainless steel with a microfiber cloth, going with the grain.
  3. Rinse the baking soda mixture off the stainless steel with water.


My suggestions for afterward:

     4. Wipe with your normal stainless steel cleaner/polish  going with the grain.
     5. Polish the surface in a circular motion with a microfiber cloth  to add back shine.


Voila! It should be back to new! You will need to keep rinsing the cloth of the baking soda off because it will start to clump. Also make sure to rinse ALL the baking soda off the appliance before using the cleaner. Otherwise, spots will look dull. Let me say, this would be super easy for a small area, such as the rust spots on my trash can, but for my entire fridge and double oven it took a while. No complaints though because it did worked wonders!


Let me know if you try this and how it works for you!

Our trip to the Bahamas….mon!

Our trip to the Bahamas….mon!

We just got back from a huge family vacation and couldn’t wait to share our pics! It was seriously an amazing week. To kick everything off my cousin got married! Then we took a trip to the Bahamas on a Carnival Cruise Ship, what more could you ask for!? We had to go about this the most affordable way as possible because we were lucky enough that we just went on another cruise in June so two in one year can be a little $$$$ (first world problems). My brother stayed with us in our room so that made it a little more affordable also! I was worried what having five people in one room would be like but it really wasn’t that bad at all. I would definitely do it again! We had a king sized bed that Brad, Jake and I slept in (not a big deal since he crashes with us at home anyway), then a bunk bed above us is where Owen slept (and where Jake would jump off of in WWE fashion and say “top rope!”), and then another fold down bed on the other wall for my brother Brendan. I mean of course we didn’t have a ton of extra room, but typically we don’t spend much time in there anyway. Our first day was the wedding, it was beautiful! In previous cruises I have seen a random bride or groom walking around on departure day and I’ve always been curious about the wedding logistics of it. It was great and if I had a do-over I probably would’ve went with a destination wedding. We were all able to get on board earlier than normal boarding time too which was nice, then we went straight to the Lido deck to have some lunch before the ceremony.



The boys loved being on the ship and looking down to watch them loading the cargo on board and dancing around listening to the island music. The perfect way to kick off our vacation!



After we finished up with the wedding and reception we went to our muster drill (the only annoying part about a cruise lol) and then changed and went to dinner. We chose the early dinner since we had kids with us and so we could make it to the show right after. I truly think early dining is the way to go. I didn’t know 6pm was considered an early dinner lol! The dining room was the only part I was nervous about with having kids with us, but honestly they were awesome. The staff was so great with the boys, if they noticed they were getting irritable they would talk and ask them questions. Each night they immediately brought their juices over as soon as they sat down. My favorite part was dressing them up for dinner each night. Seriously these boys need a modeling contract. They’re naturals!






And I’m sorry for the quality of this next picture because it is a picture of a picture but I can’t not share it…


Our next day was a sea day, we spent it mostly outside. The boys loved the little kiddie pool (it looked to be an old hot tub that they just didn’t turn the heaters on or something). Since both were just a tad too short to ride the water slide we spent all of our pool time here at the kiddie pool. My boys must take after me because I’m perfectly content to sit in the sun with a fruity beverage.

Our first port was Nassau, Bahamas. I love this place! They really don’t get much credit. I’ve heard a lot of people say they just stay on board in Nassau and don’t really enjoy it but every time we’ve been here we have had a blast. There is a nice beach, Junkanoo Beach, just a short walking distance away. If you love to snorkel or want to try it out, this is a great spot for it! There are a TON of fish by the pier.

15398869_676601878678_1094988032_o 15491946_676601863708_631731632_o15515818_676601858718_989143180_o

Since we have kids with us this time we took a cab ride to and from to cut down on any whining that could potentially start. Who whines in the Bahamas!? Kids. They don’t give a F#*! where they are. This place is so special to me. We came here first just my husband and I, then the following summer we came here with my brother and brother in law, and then we came the summer after that with a group of friends (Rebecca was of course there too!), and now we were here with my family and my kids. Each time was great and I haven’t had a complaint yet. We did have a little accident this time where my son lost his flip flop on the beach. Possibly blew away? Luckily there are a ton of shops and I was able to get him a replacement pair to finish off the remainder of our vacation with. After about four hours of playing on the beach the kids started to get tired so we decided to call it a day. We boarded and went immediately to the Lido deck for some lunch. At this point naps were needed for ALL OF US! Everyone gives me shit for napping on vacation, but IDGAF thats what vacation is for! 


Our next port day we went to heaven. Literally heaven on earth. It is carnival’s private island called Half Moon Cay. My husband and I have been here before as well, but this time was even better because we had our family and kids with us. Hands down, this was my favorite day. Probably ever lol.

Since we had a big group with us my parents rented a Villa for us all for the day. It was AHHHMAZING. If you ever go here, get the cabana or villa, you definitely won’t regret it. Two stories of beach luxury. Hot tub, private bathroom, padded lounge chairs, snorkel gear, beach floats, towels, fruit tray, veggie tray, chips and guacamole and salsa, sodas….anything you could need to get you through the day. A little secret about the cabana’s and villa’s is that carnival lists the price as “per person” when it actually isn’t. It’s that one set price for the whole day. With the cabana it is up to 4 and up to 8 with the villa. In reality you could definitely do more than 4 or 8 but I guess that would be breaking the rules…


My favorite part was when my brother and I rented a kayak for the hour and went out sightseeing on our own. This island is so beautiful.




The next day was our last sea day, we basically spent it the same way as our other sea day. Mostly at the kiddie pool. We did opt to go to the Dr Seuss character brunch which was $5 per person. It was great and totally worth it. The food is done up so cute, Dr Seuss style, and they have some characters come out and dance around and take pics with the kids.

15491552_676601763908_1557782693_o 15409854_676601758918_454020558_o 15491491_676601689058_1553173126_o

15419298_676601694048_104932462_o15503017_676601768898_383456716_o 15516000_676601753928_1471012112_o

15492001_676601669098_24127435_o15491918_676601674088_1290290483_o15409598_676601778878_1122656614_o 15409636_676601664108_812712765_o

Overall this trip was amazing and I can’t believe I was nervous to cruise with two kids. They had so much fun and they only went to the kids club once for about an hour or so. And that was because there was an event they wanted to go to. I never once heard them say they were bored. My kids can be difficult to please so I thought for sure I would’ve heard some whining or complaining. My oldest is a gamer and begs me to “get the car with the wifi” and he didn’t even complain about not having wifi! It was amazing. And my youngest was just happy to get ice cream whenever he wanted…

15417784_676601853728_334219726_o 15417777_676601983468_1849699590_o 15409508_676602018398_1544023595_o

15502884_676601848738_552216263_o 15515702_676601968498_1669666293_o 15515944_676601973488_785319956_o

Some other pics from our vacation…


Owen loved the towel animals each night. Of course we had to hurry and scoop it up before Jake destroyed them. We learned that on night 1.


Usually I don’t buy pictures on our cruises because they can add up quickly, but I loved this one that the photographer snapped of us in the ocean at Half Moon Cay. <3


I’m so proud of this one! I won this coveted plastic ship on a stick trophy at Friends Trivia. I got every question right, including the bonus points. This trophy is a long time coming because I was literally robbed of winning Friends Trivia on our last cruise. And I’m not being dramatic either lol. Another story for another blog…



A Typical Mom Monday

A Typical Mom Monday

It’s Monday. That means it will be my worst day of the week. It never fails. I know most people hate Mondays, but I think Mondays hate me.

On a typical Monday morning, the kids and I all hit snooze multiple times. Any other day of the week at least one of us wakes up on time and gets everyone else up… But not on Monday! So, we all oversleep.


This is my legitimate alarm schedule
This is my legitimate alarm schedule

I wake up to my middle daughter telling me she has no clean underwear, my oldest daughter is wearing shorts (in 40 degree weather) and my 2-year-old has to potty RIGHT now! So, I blindly lead my toddler to the bathroom while I wipe away my eye boogies (apparently that is the official term we use in this house for those crusty morning eyes). Then, I search through clean laundry piles to find princess undies and long pants for the older two. There are at least three full baskets of clean laundry that I washed over the weekend, but never got around to putting away. Honestly, I could not care less about this laundry right now simply because it’s Monday and IDGAF.

My kids shove pop tarts in their face while I throw money in their book bags. I just don’t have the time or energy to pack their lunches. Let’s see, book bags are packed, shoes are on, kids are ready to walk out the door and… Oh, there goes the bus. I say something to the tune of, “OK kids, give me a few minutes to throw on a bra and some pants. This way I can take you to school and also look presentable enough to go through the Starbucks drive-thru.” I may not worry about much of anything today, but I still need my coffee.


I pull up to Starbucks like...


 Fast forward to the afternoon: My toddler wants jelly toast and graham crackers for lunch. No arguments from me, the girl gets what she wants. She knows it’s Monday, and we are just trying to survive. After lunch, she says, “Mommy I want to eat popcorn and go to sleep.” I then realize that I’m doing an awesome job teaching my kid how to prioritize her day.

During her nap, I don’t even pretend like I’m going to get things done. I just lay on the couch and binge watch TV until I hear her feet hit the floor. After nap, we watch The Nightmare Before Christmas TWO times in a row. It’s her favorite movie and I have probably seen the movie more times than anyone has seen any movie ever.

Next thing I know, it’s 6:45pm and I haven’t even thought about dinner. My stomach is achy because all I have eaten today was popcorn, and two coffees. Apparently, no one cares that I don’t feel well, my kids still expect to eat. I call my husband and ask him to pick up some dinner for everyone on his way home. He gives a pause, but doesn’t argue because he already knows how my Monday is going…

On Monday nights, my kids will just be getting in the bath at 8:15, even though their bedtime was at 8:00. They probably won’t end up asleep until 9PM. It’s all OK though because when we wake up in the morning it will be any day other than Monday… so tomorrow will be better.

Why I Don’t Enjoy Decorating for Holidays

Why I Don’t Enjoy Decorating for Holidays


If you are looking for holiday decorating inspiration, you are looking in the wrong place. Granted, I will post soon about my holiday decor, but before I decorate I need to bitch about having to decorate.


Decorating for holidays seems like so much fun! What a wonderful sight to behold! My parents didn’t do much decorating for any holiday except Christmas, and even then it was just putting up a Christmas tree and stockings. We might have also had Christmas lights every few years, if the ones my dad had put up the previous year still worked – because they were never taken down. We call those two-fers!

So as an adult, decorating for holidays seemed like a no-brainer. The first year of home-ownership was great. Stickies on the windows, garland wrapped around the banister, and candles themed to match the holiday. I also had lights strung around the porch and even wrapped around the tree in our front yard. Yet, after each holiday it was harder to be enthusiastic, because what goes up, must come down. Unlike my parents, I could not leave lights up all year round.

Let me not forget that I also always seem to get hurt in one way or another while decorating. I’ve managed to cut myself carving pumpkins, burn myself with a hot glue gun, and my favorite is when I get an allergic reaction while decorating the Christmas tree. It doesn’t matter whether it is real or fake, my hands and arms break out in some kind of rash…


Holiday decorating often doesn’t end well for me.


With every year that passes by the eagerness of decorating for the holidays dwindles. I am 10 years into home ownership and now when I think about pulling all the big bins out of storage, taking the time to put everything up, then putting the empty bins back in storage it doesn’t sound fun. Mainly because three weeks to a month later, I have to pull the big bins back out, take down all the decorations, try to figure out how to fit all this crap back into the bins so that the lid will close, and then put those big heavy bins, back in the storage area!, while simultaneously repeating the process for the next holiday. “So just don’t decorate,” you might be thinking. Well it isn’t as simple as that.


holiday decorating

The problem about my new pessimism towards decorating for holidays is that each year my children become more and more aware of when the holidays are. In turn, they get more excited to decorate for each holiday earlier and earlier. If I was dealing with a man, this would force me to tell him that I think we are growing in different directions and we should end it now. Of course, it is ill advised to say that to small children, so I am yet again being pushed around by tiny dictators.

For example, I can no longer get away with sitting out a single, albeit large, pumpkin on the porch and saying we are decorated for fall. We must have multiple pumpkins, of multiple shades, carved into an array of small masterpieces. We must also start yet again, putting sticker decorations in the windows for each holiday, and having every inch of the house decorated for Christmas. It looks so nice when everything is up, but it feels like it’s a bunch of work for little satisfaction. That is until I see the light in those tiny human eyes of my children and it seems like maybe it is a little more exciting than my adult mind can understand. So, with all that said, I may not enjoy decorating, or un-decorating for that matter, but I will do it anyway – Super Mom style.


Stay tuned for posts about our holiday decorations for the rest of the year, plus Hailey’s Costume Halloween birthday party!

Do you despise decorating or do you love it? Let me know in the comments below!

Beginners Running

Beginners Running

I’m a self proclaimed “foodie”. Not the boojee kind of foodie though. I just like to eat…tacos, pizza, cheeseburgers, meatballs, spaghetti casserole (recipe coming soon!)…my all-time favorite is chips and dip recipes. The problem with my foodie trait is that most of the time I don’t burn enough of the calories to keep the muffin top down. That’s where I decided that I need to at least begin exercising. Then I can make the adjustments to my diet as I go. Since cardio is necessary to burn the fat…I thought running might be a good place to start. Couldn’t hurt right? I’ve heard so many people rave about the Couch to 5K program, and since my skin is practically fused to the couch it seemed like we would be a perfect fit!


So I downloaded the free app in the Apple app store and hopped on the treadmill. I’m assuming this is where “real runners” will want to click the X in the corner of the page…bear with me. There are supposedly two types of runners: treadmill and nature. I still haven’t decided where I fit yet. (Probably nowhere since the couch is my fortress lol). I think my first mistake was starting with a treadmill. I jumped on and clicked start on the app, it’s amazing because it literally takes you through step by step. When to run, when to walk. Even when to cool down. It is perfect for people like me who know they need to do something but aren’t quite sure what to do.


I made it through the first 2 days and then started having terrible knee pain in both knees. (see, I knew I wasn’t cut out for exercise) Just my luck. I finally found an exercise I actually liked doing and had to stop. The pain was unbearable. Sleeping was uncomfortable, every time I moved during the night I felt it. Walking down steps was worse, and looked ridiculous! I took to Google and found that it was most likely “runner’s knee”, a common problem with runners and that it could be caused by how I was running. It took weeks to go away, and you shouldn’t run while it’s healing either!

running meme

I asked around about what I could do to correct the problem and found that we have a local running store that will put you on a treadmill and watch how you are running! Then they are able to determine if there is anything you can do to fix it. Apparently my Nike running shoes didn’t offer enough support for my feet. So just because they say “running shoes” doesn’t necessarily mean they are good enough running shoes for your particular foot. So I highly suggest going to a local running shop and getting help with this purchase. It’ll save you money and potential injuries in the long run (hah, see what I did there?). At the shop they were able to help me find the right support for my foot and I ended up selecting these Saucony shoes. I wasn’t concerned with looks since these are strictly my running shoes, but they still had a pop of brightness to them so I was satisfied.


Now that I have my new running shoes, I’m going to attempt running outside. You know, in nature, not in the air conditioned gym. I’m still a beginner, I haven’t gotten to the point where I can run a solid 5k, but I’m a work in progress. The point is, I started.


I would love tips for beginners so feel free to leave them in comments below!

$400 on Meat

$400 on Meat



…so there we were, young and poor. Fresh into our marriage, ya know when you still fix yourself up a little bit before they get home (change out of pajama pants and into sweat pants)?

That fresh. We were about to take a road trip to visit family for the holidays. I was just finishing up last minute house cleaning, because if there’s anything I can’t stand it’s coming home to a dirty house, and there was a knock at the door.

Let me just pause right here and tell you that I HATE door sales(wo)men. And that is due to the fact that I.FALL.FOR.ANYTHING. I do. I can’t help but be suckered into a good sales pitch, I like to think I’m just very trusting to what people tell me. This is why I can’t bring myself to turn on QVS and HSN, buy all the things!! Scrub Daddy Sponge? Have one! And don’t get me started on the fitness equipment! (as a matter of fact… I DO have 5 minutes a day to get rock hard chiseled abs! Ordered!) So anyway…

I opened the door…and there he was. A MEAT SALESMEN! I felt a little bad for him, because he left the van running so he was probably turned down a lot. That’s when he asked if he could come in for a minute to do his demonstration (OMG!!!!….my own personal demonstration!?! Or was this about to be the last demonstration I would ever see…) Before I could decline the invitation of death, I heard myself, “sure! Come on in!”. (doh.) That’s when he opened THREE CASES of meat on my living room floor.

I could hardly contain myself. Steaks…Chicken..Salmon a plenty…(you want thing-a-ma-bobs? He’s got twenty.) He gave a very convincing argument about how if I were to purchase these meat packs in the grocery store I would be spending 4 times the amount that I would be if I just bought these cases of meat today. And why would he lie about that!? I mean who lies about meat. Not Shady McShady with the meat truck. No sir. So I asked him what the cost would be (to get him out of my house before I ended up in the back of his meat truck)..errr I mean so I could get back to cleaning. That’s when he proceeded to continue his very convincing argument on meat truck meat vs store bought meat, and very quickly slid in the $400 price tag (Brad would kill me.) “what. HOW MUCH?”. “”$400 ma’am..But you see…you get 3 cases of meat. And If you buy today, I will throw in two vacuum sealed racks of ribs.” It was at the exact moment that he said ribs that my eyes glazed over and I was sold. Brad can’t be mad at me after this…three cases of meat PLUS RIBS.

It’s practically un-American to be mad about free ribs. I wrote the check and got him out of my house. But then the door closed and I turned around to look at my meat filled living room. Where was I going to store all of this meat….and how was I going to tell Brad that I just spent $400 (that we legitimately didn’t have) on MEAT?!

I quickly worked up all the excitement I could so I could attempt to get him on board and then I gave him a call. I explained the whole deal and mid sales pitch he interjects “how much?” (-__-) “Well it was actually a steal because, like I said, we got THREE WHOLE CASES OF MEAT!! Plus ri-” “yeah yeah I know about the ribs…how much” “Well I wrote him a check for $400.” And then through gritted teeth he said, “get the check back NOW.” ::click:: (hmm…phone must have cut out.)


Now that we are 8 years into our marriage I can say that was the first and only time he has ever hung up on me. I immediately grabbed meat truck man’s business card (since when do shady meat truck drivers get business cards?), luckily he was super cool about it and brought my check back and rolled out with his cases of meat like it was the walk of shame (Whew that was a close one.) I can only assume that meat buyers’ remorse happens a lot in his field of work.


Leave a comment below if you have any stories about Door to Door salesmen!



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The Reality of Cleaning For Company

The Reality of Cleaning For Company

All things considered, I am usually satisfied with the condition of my home. I have tiny humans in my house that seem to create small tornadoes in every room they enter, along with a dog who seems to blow his coat every damn day of the year.
So, I do what I can and there are normally no complaints. But for some reason, things change when I hear that we are having company.


As soon as I get word that “other people” will be entering my house, I look around with seemingly brand new eyes. I have eyes that are so much clearer it’s like I’m in a Claritin commercial. I see specks of lint all over the carpet, I discover the dried remnants of spilled milk down the the fronts of my cabinet doors, and suddenly it looks like the Death Star destroyed Alderaan inside my microwave.


How did my house get like this?!?



Panic sets in. I start barking orders at my kids (that they seemingly ignore). After a grueling combination of bribes and threats, we all get to work. I run around tirelessly perfecting the look of my house in no particular order while my kids pretend to clean their rooms. I think that I may suffer from cleaning A.D.D. I start working in the kitchen, then I take something to the living room… oh let me sweep the entry way.

After 45 minutes, I’ve been working hard, but it looks like I haven’t gotten much done because I don’t stay in one room long enough to make a difference. It also doesn’t help that about every 10 minutes I take a break to check a Facebook notification and then get sucked into playing a round of Candy Crush. OK, I ran out of lives….


Back to cleaning!

Once, I am finally finished cleaning all the rooms (ok maybe just the rooms that the guests will primarily see), I now see lots of other relatively unimportant things to fix. That throw pillow is in the center of the couch… Who would do that?! It needs to be on the left lounge chair! There are finger prints on the refrigerator door. WHY?!?! How hard is it to grab the f&@&$*% handle to open and close the fridge?!? 

OMG! Yoshi needs a bath… wait then the house will smell like wet dog… is that better than dirty dog? I CAN’T DECIDE!

IMG_9369 (2)

Eventually, I give up and drink wine while simultaneously spraying Febreeze on the rest of the living spaces. And the dog. And maybe even the kids.

SHIT! Look at the time! They will be here in 20 minutes and I am still in my PJs….


Affiliate Disclosure: We are grateful to be of service and bring you content free of charge. In order to do this, please note that when you click links and purchase items, in most (not all) cases we will receive a referral commission. Your support in purchasing through these links enables us to keep this website up and running. Thank you! 🙂
A Few Facts About Rebecca

A Few Facts About Rebecca

Hi! I’m Rebecca – lover of all things fabulous. Making an about me section is a little overwhelming considering my amount of awesome… But I’ll give it a shot and keep it simple.

I have an amazing husband, Chris, who is slightly more geeky than me and I love him all the more for it.

C & R

Together we created 3 wonderful little humans – Hailey (8), Olivia (7), and Aubrey (2) — yes, all girls!

Me & Girls

I have a 6-year-old Alaskan Klee Kai, Yoshi, who is basically the coolest dog ever. OK not basically… he is!


 The other loves of my life are iced coffee & reading. Besides spending time with my family, I also enjoy spending my weekends dedicated to binge watching entire seasons of TV or partying with my friends. Of course, “partying with my friends” means attending a baby shower or celebrating a small child’s birthday.

I started blogging to talk about my interests like books, pop culture, food (I love food!) — and of course my imperfect parenting. Real life isn’t sugar-coated and neither will my posts be. I’ll occasionally drop some words that would make me put a quarter in the swear jar, if we had one… which we don’t, because… why?!


A Little Bit About Kim

A Little Bit About Kim


My name is Kim, I’m married to my wonderful husband Brad. He is an avid gamer and IT technician. So we have all the electronics covered. We have two little boys who couldn’t be more opposite!

My oldest, Owen, is 6 but acts as if he is 26. He is the intellectual type, and has the vocabulary to back it up. My youngest, Jake, is 3 and is basically The Hulk. He is extremely active and will find anything to climb. And if he can’t climb it (or break it)…he’ll eat it.

Mom and Owen
Owen and I on a walk


I work part-time at a hospital and I’m also studying to be a Nurse. My life can be very busy. Especially when I am mid-Netflix binge. I can’t even remember what it’s like to have a hobby because let’s face it, work, school, husband, kids and a house suck up all of my time. The little bit of time I do have is spent catching up on my array of shows and anything pop culture related (yes the Kardashians and just about all of the Real Housewives franchises are my guilty pleasure).

Jake and Mom
Jake and I being silly

I thought blogging would be a good outlet for me to share my love of decorating, cooking, Pinterest projects (and fails), tv/movie reviews, and most important…mom-ing. But this is REAL life mom-ing. Not the sugar-coated puppies and rainbows life. That’s not how I do it. I’ve caught vomit in my hands y’all!! Gotta save that rug. I’ll toss in some of our ridiculous and hilarious stories as well. And occasionally there will be colorful language, because you have to get it out somewhere and yelling obscenities at your kids is frowned upon…or so I hear.


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