clean that filthy grout!

clean that filthy grout!

When you have two kids, a dog, and a husband who acts like he still lives in a frat house (at least he’s cute)…your house get filthy. And your floors are the worst part. It always cracks me up (hah see what I did there?), and when I say ‘cracks me up’ I mean sob uncontrollably, when I look back at old pics from before we had kids…and even some when Owen was still a baby. The house was so clean! There wasn’t any clutter, everything was in it’s place. And then I realized it was because I actually had free time lol, I mean I literally cleaned a few times a week. Why the hell did I do that!? Life is too short to clean that often. And besides…I’m not cleaning until my kids move away to college. 



 Anyway….we had LVT flooring installed a few years back. If you don’t know what LVT is…I think it stands for  Luxury Vinyl Tile. It looks identical to ceramic tile, but it isn’t cold like ceramic and you won’t break a plate if it drops. Perfect for me because I drop shit alllll the time (plates, glasses, iphones, my pants, plans, babies…jk)!! The downside to any type of tile flooring is the grout. Eventually, it’s just going to get gross. We did get tinted grout, best decision I ever made. 



As you can tell, the grout is filthy. And I’m posting it for everyone to see. Typically I just wipe the floor on my hands and knees with hot water (like a little old cleaning lady) and either Mr Clean or the lemon scented Lysol, sometimes bleach water. It wasn’t doing the trick though with the grout. It still looked like the bottom of a Survivor contestants foot.  So I scoured my cabinets for some cleaners and scoured Pinterest and found an awesome Pinterest win! Toilet Bowl cleaner with bleach!! Why didn’t I think of this!? I buy this exact cleaner to clean my toilet anyway. Seemed like it was worth a shot. 




I took it a few squares at a time and just used the spout to fill the grout lines.  Since we have tinted grout, I didn’t know if it would be possible to lightened it even more than the original tint, which I didn’t want to happen. I let it sit for a few minutes and then took an old handled scrub brush and scrubbed the grout lines up a bit. 



Then I just took a wet mop to get up all of the cleanser. This was the annoying part because you have to do it a few times since it is pretty concentrated. Well worth it though! 



LOOK HOW AMAZING! Literally looks brand new! You can really see the difference in this pic. And voila!!!





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