A Typical Mom Monday

A Typical Mom Monday

It’s Monday. That means it will be my worst day of the week. It never fails. I know most people hate Mondays, but I think Mondays hate me.

On a typical Monday morning, the kids and I all hit snooze multiple times. Any other day of the week at least one of us wakes up on time and gets everyone else up… But not on Monday! So, we all oversleep.


This is my legitimate alarm schedule
This is my legitimate alarm schedule

I wake up to my middle daughter telling me she has no clean underwear, my oldest daughter is wearing shorts (in 40 degree weather) and my 2-year-old has to potty RIGHT now! So, I blindly lead my toddler to the bathroom while I wipe away my eye boogies (apparently that is the official term we use in this house for those crusty morning eyes). Then, I search through clean laundry piles to find princess undies and long pants for the older two. There are at least three full baskets of clean laundry that I washed over the weekend, but never got around to putting away. Honestly, I could not care less about this laundry right now simply because it’s Monday and IDGAF.

My kids shove pop tarts in their face while I throw money in their book bags. I just don’t have the time or energy to pack their lunches. Let’s see, book bags are packed, shoes are on, kids are ready to walk out the door and… Oh, there goes the bus. I say something to the tune of, “OK kids, give me a few minutes to throw on a bra and some pants. This way I can take you to school and also look presentable enough to go through the Starbucks drive-thru.” I may not worry about much of anything today, but I still need my coffee.


I pull up to Starbucks like...


 Fast forward to the afternoon: My toddler wants jelly toast and graham crackers for lunch. No arguments from me, the girl gets what she wants. She knows it’s Monday, and we are just trying to survive. After lunch, she says, “Mommy I want to eat popcorn and go to sleep.” I then realize that I’m doing an awesome job teaching my kid how to prioritize her day.

During her nap, I don’t even pretend like I’m going to get things done. I just lay on the couch and binge watch TV until I hear her feet hit the floor. After nap, we watch The Nightmare Before Christmas TWO times in a row. It’s her favorite movie and I have probably seen the movie more times than anyone has seen any movie ever.

Next thing I know, it’s 6:45pm and I haven’t even thought about dinner. My stomach is achy because all I have eaten today was popcorn, and two coffees. Apparently, no one cares that I don’t feel well, my kids still expect to eat. I call my husband and ask him to pick up some dinner for everyone on his way home. He gives a pause, but doesn’t argue because he already knows how my Monday is going…

On Monday nights, my kids will just be getting in the bath at 8:15, even though their bedtime was at 8:00. They probably won’t end up asleep until 9PM. It’s all OK though because when we wake up in the morning it will be any day other than Monday… so tomorrow will be better.



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