Mini NES: What’s All The Hype and How I Got One

Mini NES: What’s All The Hype and How I Got One

Today was the release of the Nintendo NES Classic Edition AKA mini NES! If you haven’t heard about this bad boy, you must have been hiding under a rock for the last few months. It has been highly anticipated by gamers of all ages since it was first announced on July 14, 2016.

The NES Classic Edition is a miniaturized version of the groundbreaking NES, originally released in 1985. Serving as Nintendo’s love letter to its system, the NES Classic is a retro inspired journey through its early history compacted into a tiny package. Nintendo curated 30 games from what it calls an 8-bit wonderland and crammed them into a miniaturized version of its legendary system. Most importantly it is HDMI compatible, which is an advancement compared to it’s predecessor. Just plug the NES Classic Edition into your TV, pick up that gray controller, and rediscover the joy of NES games. You can find the list of included games here.




Obviously, I was worried about being able to get my hands on one since there wasn’t an option for pre-order and the supply was going to be limited. I knew I needed to act as quickly as I could, but my options are limited considering I have children who can’t be dragged out of the house for a midnight release, and who also need their mom to be home in the morning to put them on the bus. With that in mind, I had to come up with a game plan.

My hunt started yesterday afternoon as I called store after store, in my area, to find out what time they would be releasing the NES Classic and how many units they had in stock. My best options were the Walmart, Game Stop, and Target. Walmart said they were doing a midnight release. Unfortunately, that was not an option for me due to previously stated reasons. Game Stop was next on my list and they said that they only had 4 units, and that sales were limited to one per customer, they open at 10am. I didn’t call Target because I already knew the store would have them for sale and I assumed they were my best option. In the morning I could drop my kids off at the bus stop at 7:15 and then head straight to Target. I knew Target didn’t open until 9am, so I should be fine.

Fast forward to this morning, I call Walmart at 6am to confirm that they had sold out at midnight; they had. So, at 7:20am after my two older kids get on the bus, I look up Target’s availability for today and notice that they open at 8am, not 9am. I throw my toddler in the truck and make a mad dash for the store. I get there at 8:05am and they were already sold out. Seriously?! The employee in electronics said there was a line at the door when they opened. A few other stragglers followed behind me, also disappointed at being a few minutes too late.

During all this I am in a chat with my husband and two of his best friends. I am in PA, husband is working in DC, one friend is in FL and the other is in MD. We are all 4 trying to buy the mini NES. They decide to use the site to find stores with availability. My husband goes to a Target in DC and he watches the last console be purchased as he is in line. Our friend in FL has heartbreak as every store he drives by has a line a mile long. Our friend in MD goes to Best Buy, Target, and Walmart with the same luck. This is getting depressing.

With Walmart and Target both duds, I had a decision to make. I could go to the Game Stop in the middle of town (which was closer) and see how long the line was, or I could go to the Game Stop one town over. This Game Stop was more out of the way and in a less busy area, so I made a split second decision to head straight there and not waste time swinging by the one closest to me. It takes about 20 minutes and I arrive at the Game Stop at 8:30am. Are my eyes deceiving me? There is absolutely no one in line! I rejoice!


This is the same Game Stop I had called yesterday, so I knew they had 4 available. I park my truck and start to get my toddler out of the car. Another car pulls up next to me with two adults inside. I throw my toddler in her stroller without even buckling it, and dash to the door of the store! I knew if I was first in line, there would be no reason that I couldn’t get one. The two people who just pulled up fell in line behind me. I felt a sense of sweet victory as the manger showed up about an hour before the store opened and talked to the 3 of us. It was guaranteed, we were getting the consoles! Another girl showed up at 8:40am and that marked the final owner of a console.




During the next hour, we had to let a lot of people down who were filing in line behind us. Most of them refused to believe that there were only 4 consoles. They would go through the all 5 stages of grief (denial, anger, bargaining, depression and acceptance) before finally admitting defeat and leaving. One lady tried to act like she would just be able to hop in front of the rest of us in line because she “called yesterday.” As victors, the four of us in line joined forces and let her know that wouldn’t be happening. She finally left.

At 10am the doors to the store opened and I proudly pushed my daughter’s stroller up to the front counter. I asked if they had any extra controllers to go along with the system. He stated they only had one extra controller to sell. Guess what bitches? It’s mine!




I’ll update the post with more pics once I get this opened up! If you didn’t manage to get a Nintendo Mini NES today, a Game Stop manager confirmed they would be stocking back up for Black Friday and my local Walmart said they would have more units the first week in December! If you did manage to nab one, post your story in the comments below!



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