Taco Seasoning Recipe

Taco Seasoning Recipe

One night I was making tacos and realized that I had forgotten to buy taco seasoning. I had already started preparing the meal, so I had to improvised! Honestly, I had never really thought about what was in taco seasoning, just that it was delicious! Honestly, have you ever considered what is in those tiny packets of taco seasoning? As it turns out, it is so much healthier (and cheaper) to make your own!

Although, this is my go to blend of flavoring for taco meat whether I am trying to eat healthy or not! It’s flavorful, delicious and inexpensive compared to what you pay for a packet of the name brand stuff. Here is my recipe for salt-free taco seasoning. Obviously, if you want salt you can add it (I would say about 1 teaspoon).


Salt- Free Taco Seasoning:

• 3 T chili powder (check the label to make sure the spice is salt-free)
• 1 1/4 T cumin
• 2 t pepper
• 1 t garlic powder
• 1 t onion powder
• 1 t red pepper flakes
• 1 t dried oregano
• 1 t paprika
• ½ t thyme




OK. Now, here’s the hard part… Mix them all up, then put the mixture in a container. Seriously, it’s that easy! You now have your own homemade taco seasoning for cooking. I use these awesome spice jars for storing my seasonings!

That’s it! You’re done. Use about 2 Tbs for every pound of meat or adjust for your taste.

Now go make some delicious tacos and enjoy!

If you are looking for a healthy taco recipe, or if you just want an alternative to traditional tacos – check out my post on how to make lettuce boat tacos!


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